Scott Mutter

Web Developer & Data Analyst


The Tl;dr

Native Washingtonian, designer and coder, data analyst, meticulous documenter, eloquent writer, avid gamer (video and board), outdoor adventurist and aspiring chef.


Creativity and an eye for design and patterns is at my core. That's why I ended up in Web Development and Data Analytics. But to understand the full story, we have to go back in time a bit.

I discovered my true passion for technology somewhat by accident. I've been on a computer since the late 80's when my father brought home an IBM PC AT (the one with the big red power switch). I played old DOS games for a while, until we upgraded to Windows 95 and so on. In the late 90's during the height of the dot-com boom, I decided to start messing around with and teaching myself HTML. I started small with my personal site, eventually moving on to a couple of video game fan sites which are now defunct.

During high school, I did an appreticeship for credit with the school's Network Administrator. One of the first things we tackled during my first summer there was standardizing and upgrading the school's classroom computers. We gathered everything, including any stored hardware into one room. I was tasked with organizing it and deciding what was worth keeping. Eventually I had enough parts to build a few computers and we purchased some additional parts. From that point on I decided technology was what I wanted to do when I went to college.

In college, I did many projects, my favorite being a geneology site for my mother's side of the family. It's quite interesting to go back and see where the family originated. The site still exists, and can be found via a link in my Portfolio below (please excuse the bad graphics, I haven't had a lot of time to get around to updating it!).

I've done a few different things in my career so far. My most recent postions were Web Developer for a small software company called Laplink, and Web Analyst and Technical Team Lead at AT&T.


I'm passionate about CX, UX, design, data and data visualization, coming up with new solutions to old problems, video games and cooking.

I'm also heavily into electronic music, cats, board games, cats, the great outdoors and did I mention cats?

Languages, Tools, Certifications & Courses

  • <HTML> Expert, 16 years
  • {CSS} Advanced, 12 years
  • <?PHP> Intermediate, 3 years
  • MySQL Intermediate, 3 years
  • Java Advanced, 2 years
  • Javascript Intermediate, 2 years Still learning!
  • JSON Intermediate, 1 year
  • R Beginner, <1 year Still learning!
  • Eclipse IDE Expert, 9 years
  • SVN Expert, 6 years
  • MySQL Workbench Expert, 6 years
  • Joomla 2.5 Intermediate, 5 years
  • openCMS Intermediate, 5 years
  • Visual Source Safe Expert, 5 years
  • Spiceworks Advanced, 5 years
  • JIRA/Quality Center Advanced, 3 years
  • Tealeaf Intermediate, 3 years
  • WebTrends Intermediate, 3 years
  • Excel with Pivot Tables Advanced, 3 years
  • Splunk Intermediate, 2 years
  • Adobe Analytics Intermediate, 1 year
  • Excel Plugin for Adobe Intermediate, 1 year
  • Google Analytics for Beginners Google, 2017
  • Advanced Google Analytics Google, 2017
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Google, 2017
  • Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions Google, 2017
  • UNIX Systems Administrator Highline College, 2009
  • Introduction to R Programming StackSkills, 2018
  • Salesforce: Explore with Analytics Salesforce, 2017



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